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Ottawa Structural Residential Services Ltd. offers high quality products to ensure the structure of your residential or commercial property does not become damaged by water. We offer state-of-the-art products that have resolved issues for many homeowners nationwide.

Our Residential and Commercial Products Include:

Platon Flooring Protector Underlayment

Platon, used as a flooring protector, will ensure your floor is warm, comfortable, odour-free, healthy and dry.

Laying floor covering on concrete? A beautiful floor may hide a rotten reality. Even though a floor may look good on the surface, the reality underneath may be entirely different. Concrete floors will always contain moisture. Floor coverings laid on concrete without an adequate damp-proof barrier will be affected and damaged. The results are bad smells, mold, mildew and an unhealthy internal environment. A moisture barrier that does not provide air flow under it will trap moisture and cause problems.

The Platon Solution

By using Platon over concrete, an impermeable vapour barrier and air gap is created. This allows the concrete to breathe while keeping the floor dry. The finished floor is lifted from the cold damp concrete and becomes room temperature, which minimizes surface condensation and musty smells. Platon gives you new freedom of choice in floor covering materials. It is a suitable underlay for Laminate floors OR, when covered with plywood or OSB board, for carpet, vinyl and engineered hardwood.

Over fresh concrete, you can install flooring as soon as you can walk on the slab so it makes sense to install Platon and plywood or OSB board over the concrete to eliminate scheduling delays and moisture damage to newly installed flooring. Non load bearing walls can be built right on the sub-floor!

Platon can also be installed on floors with radiant heat with very little effect on heat transfer.

If your basement is unfinished and the walls are damp, Platon may be ran horizontally along the walls after the sub-floor has been installed. Seal the top (smooth) edge of the Platon to the concrete portion of the wall with caulking to keep moisture out of the sill plate area. Frame the walls right on top of the sub-floor, insulate against the Platon and be sure to use a vapour barrier over the insulation before dry-walling.

Photo of family room Floor insulation diagram Photo of laminate flooring

Platon Foundation Protector

Platon Foundation Protector is a modestly priced, dimpled, high density, polyethylene Air Gap Membrane proven to SOLVE basement leakage problems. It can be used on all types of foundations including poured concrete, masonry block, insulated concrete form systems and wood foundations. With both Canadian and U.S. Building Code approvals, Platon Foundation Protector is available across North America.

Homes in North America have been protected by Platon Foundation Protector since 1991 and, with no call-backs, builders agree - Platon Foundation Protector and good footing drainage produce dry basements!

Also used in sub floor applications, Platon Foundation Protector provides exceptional protection for floor coverings placed over concrete. Other uses of Platon Foundation Protector include radon gas protection, permanent under slab vapour barriers, and internal/external water control retrofit.


Unhealthy mold and mildew needs moisture to grow.

Platons air gap helps control interior moisture because moisture condenses on the cool inside surface of the membrane and runs down to the footing drain for removal. In a poured concrete foundation, approximately 15 gallons of water per cubic yard of concrete is used. If the wall is sealed on the outside, the water must evaporate into the basement and the walls can take years to dry out. With Platon, the wall dries toward the outside and the basement feels drier almost immediately.


Did you know?

  • Leaky basements are homeowners' second or third most common complaint and the most expensive to correct!
  • Damp basements promote the growth of unhealthy mold, mildew, fungus and musty odours.
  • Most homeowners insurance does not cover water damage from leaking foundations and, if it does, the deductible may have paid the upgrade to Platon Foundation Protector!
  • A fully finished basement can double the size of your home. With the ever-increasing cost of construction, it makes sense to use the basement for more than storage.
  • A house with a wet basement is difficult to sell. The money you save by skimping on waterproofing and a good foundation drainage system is not saving at all.

How Platon Foundation Protector Works

No foundation wall is perfect. Concrete will develop small cracks through shrinkage, settling and temperature changes. This is normal and is to be expected.

Basic physics tells us that water can't be compressed and always seeks areas of lower pressure, e.g. your basement! Coatings applied directly to the wall do nothing to relieve water pressure. Inflexible coatings, such as tar, crack with the concrete. Water can migrate behind flexible coatings if the membrane has any imperfections to allow the water through.

Platon wraps around the foundation and is fastened along the top so it hangs like a curtain. The flat tab at the top is sealed to the wall to prevent dirt from filling the air gap and clogging the drainage path. Platon forms an impermeable barrier to wet soil. If any water does get by the membrane it flows down through the air gap to the footing drain instead of leaking into the basement! Because Platon only rests against the wall and is not adhered to it, it continues to function despite future cracking, shifting and settling. Platon will easily bridge a 1/4" crack.

Proven Technology!

Developed in Norway over 30 years ago and used in North America since 1991, Platon Foundation Protector is considered one of the best problem solving products to have been introduced to new home construction in many years.

In Ontario, Platon Foundation Protector Technology has been attributed to helping the New Home Warranty Corporation save between $700,000 and $900,000 per year in basement leakage claims. What was once a leading claim item is now at the bottom of the list for Ontario New Home Warranty.

Traditional, environmentally hazardous, spray or roll-on materials like bituminous tar have become the standard practice for attempted foundation leakage protection. Basement leakage statistics prove clearly that these products do not perform.

Poor product quality, no consistency in application rate or coating thickness, and the inability to bridge foundation cracks or resist deterioration are but a few of the reasons why standard foundation products don't work.

Platon Foundation Protector offers everything that spray or roll-on materials do not.

Features and Benefits

  • Platon is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), the same material as corrugated plastic drain pipe, one of the toughest and longest lasting plastics. You can count on Platon to continue providing foundation leakage protection for many years to come.
  • Completely environmentally safe, HDPE is inert and leaches no byproducts into the groundwater or back-fill soil.
  • Platon is very rugged and is capable of withstanding typical construction back-fill practices without the necessity of protection boards or special curing times.
  • Platon permanently bridges foundation cracks and irregularities (no need to plaster coat masonry block).
  • Platon installations require no special crew or equipment. Platon has a consistent thickness – something that cannot be said for spray or roll on waterproofing.

All weather installation! If you can stand being outside, you can apply Platon to your foundation wall. On poured concrete foundations for example, Platon can be hand nailed as soon as the forms are stripped. Back-filling can be done as soon as the Platon is applied.

ScapeWEL®/StakWEL Window Well Systems

ScapeWELGet More Out Of Your Basement

With today's rising housing costs, more and more homeowners are discovering that basement areas are the best and most economical way to increase the amount of living space in a home.

Whether it's a remodeling project or new home plans, ScapeWEL®/StakWEL® Window Wells will add light and ventilation to your lower level living areas, making them as warm and comfortable as any other room in the home.

With ScapeWEL®/StakWEL®, you'll also add safe emergency egress to finished rooms. The terraced step design of the window well meets building code requirements for emergency egress. These same on site steps can be landscaped with your favorite flowers or plants for further visual enhancement.

Turn your Basement Into...

  • A Home Office
  • Added Living Space
  • An Extra Bedroom
  • A Game Room

ScapeWEL®/StakWEL® Benefits & Features

  • StakWELComponent system simply snaps together on site
  • Terraced step design for emergency escape
  • Attractive sandstone colour complements basement interior and blends with any architecture
  • Allows more natural light into basement
  • Provides planting space for visual enhancement
  • Ideal for new construction and remodelling projects
  • The perfect companion to escape windows
  • Satisfies basement egress codes:
    • Section 310.4 of UBC
    • Section 310.1 of CABO one and two family dwelling code
    • Section 310 of the International Residential Code 2000 (IRC 2000)
  • Mounting flanges attach direct to foundation and are compatible with most window bucks
  • Maintenance free and UV stabilized for long life

StakWEL® Window Well Systems

The StakWEL® window well system consists of individual modules that simply slide together for fast and easy installation. This flexible system allows you to stack modules to accommodate virtually any foundation depth.

Advantages and Standard Features

  • Adds light and ventilation to basement areas
  • Satisfies Section 310.4 of UBC and the IRC 2006 Building Code for basement egress
  • Unique "Grip/Step" design features a convenient handle and gusseted step to meet egress code requirements
  • High-density polyethylene molded construction will never rust, rot, or discolor. Provides homeowners with many years of maintenance-free service
  • Neutral driftwood color and pebbled interior finish will compliment the interior of any home
  • Mounting flanges include preset key holes for fast and secure attachment to a window buck or foundation wall
  • Compatible with Bilco's ScapeVIEW Series 6000 emergency egress foundation windows
  • Single modules work well with 16", 20" and 24" utility widows
  • Standard 5-year warranty
  • Ideal for new construction and remodeling projects

Well Height

Number of Modules

21" (5.3 cm)
36-3/8" (92.4 cm)
51-3/4" (131.4 cm)
67-1/8" (170.5 cm)
82-1/2" (209.5 cm)
97-7/8" (248.6 cm)

Total Sump Pump Packages

The Pump

Sump PumpThe Hydromatic® Sump Pump includes the finest pump available, a high end 1/3 hp cast iron pump with a wide-angle float switch. It pumps 38 gallons per minute, smoothly and quietly. It resists clogging and can pump up to 1/2" solids. It will perform reliably for many years. Although the pump is very quiet, the discharge line is equipped with 1 ½ rubber fittings for additional sound and vibration reduction.

Battery Backup System

Relying on a sump pump without an alarm makes no sense. If the circuit breaker trips, the pump cord is unplugged or the pump fails for any other reason, you experience costly floor damage without warning. The system sounds off (like a smoke detector) if the water rises above the point where the pump should turn on. The gives you warning to address the problem before any damage occurs.

The Sump Pump Liner

The 18" x 24" smooth wall polyethylene liner is rugged, heavy duty, and has holes to allow water to flow in directly from below the floor. It features a "pump ring" on the floor of the liner which prevents the switch from hanging up on the sidewalls by keeping the pump in the center.

The Sealed Lid

The lid keeps moisture from evaporating into your basement environment. It also keeps out bugs, odors, radon gas and quiets the pump. It keeps objects (tools, laundry, stored items) from falling into the sump hole. In fact, the lid is so strong, you can stand on it, and stack items on top so you don't sacrifice any storage space for the sump.

As a safety feature, it keeps children out, which is very important. It also features a 2-piece design so the pump can be serviced without disconnecting the discharge line.