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Ottawa Structural Residential Services Ltd. assists with preventing structural issues with homes. We can answer all of your questions about our company and services. Below are some questions that are frequently asked about Ottawa Structural Residential Services Ltd.


BBB rating logoWe are a proud member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau. We work very hard to exceed their high standards and our own, and because of this, a large percentage of our work comes to us through word-of-mouth referrals from past clients.


There are a number of reasons, including avoiding further damage to your home and contents, sustaining your property value, and potential for additional living space. Equally compelling are the potential risks a wet basement could pose to your health.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has an excellent publication:

About Your House, Water damage, mold and house insurance


Definitely! A wet basement can become a "deal breaker." Professional real estate sales people will tell you that it's much better to alleviate all problems before you list your house for sale.

You will be required to complete a "Seller Property Information Statement" which contains questions about your house. Under the heading, "Improvements and Structural", question 7 asks, "Are you aware of any moisture and/or water problems?"

Potential buyers like to purchase homes that have been cared for; they don't want to buy problems. If they are prepared to buy your house with a basement problem, you can be sure that an overstated repair cost will be used to lower your sales price. Failure to disclose information could result in a lawsuit.


The cost is directly related to the amount of work needed, i.e. men, materials, equipment, permits, plans, etc. For this reason, the cost for small jobs will be in the hundreds while larger jobs can be several thousands. Our estimator will recommend the most practical and economical solutionfor your specific problem.


Absolutely! Our estimator may be able to offer you the option of having repair work done from the exterior. If that's not possible or practical, we can solve the problem from the interior with a minimum of disruption to your living space.


We stand behind our work with written, transferable guarantees. Once you advise us of a problem, our service representative will thoroughly review your file and ask you some questions to help determine the cause and necessary steps to correct it. With more than 32,000 dry basements and counting and happy customers, we continue to grow our company, one satisfied customer at a time - putting service first - it's been that way since 1979.


Because we are a full-service waterproofing contractor, we can remove and replace any pavers, asphalt, or stone, as required, to complete your repairs.


The short answer to that is yes. Unlike some waterproofing contractors, we won't try to pressure you to waterproof the entire basement. If we determine that you will continue to have problems without doing so, we will advise you, but it's your CHOICE, it's your house. We won't recommend an expensive weeping tile or pier solution if all you need is a foundation crack repair, nor will we offer you a bandage solution at a low-ball price, leaving you with a problem that will recur a few months later.


The products at local stores, made for the (do-it-yourself) market, tend to produce limited results. As a professional waterproofing contractor we have access to specialized industrial products which are not available to consumers because they require product specific training andtools and safety awareness.

We've had hundreds of homeowners and contractors call us for help after they've invested blood, sweat, and, tears, not to mention considerable time and dollars, trying to correct a foundation problem by themselves.

We have a limited number of products which we endorse and sell to the homeowner.

FAQ 10

We accept cash, personal checks, money orders, e-mail transfers and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard).

FAQ 11

Unfortunately, yes. There are no barriers to stop any self-proclaimed handyman with a truck, a cell phone and enough money for a yellow page ad, from calling himself a waterproofing contractor. Now that the average teenager can produce a splashy website for pennies, the task of identifying the professionals from the amateurs is even more difficult.

Over the past 33+ years, we've seen dozens of new waterproofing contractors make a big noise in our area, only to quietly disappear a few months or years later, leaving homeowners with useless long-term guarantees and unresolved service issues. The hardest hit has been, and continues to be seniors, who have reported hard-sell aggressive sales tactics, bullying, and threats.

Please, check with your local Better Business Bureau to see if a company is in good standing; to ask the length of time in business; and find out who is the registered owner of the company. Ask to visit your contractor's office (even if you don't intend to); you'll quickly find out if they are operating from a cell phone or their apartment.

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